Is America becoming more diverse?

America becoming more diverse help people that look like me. Growing up in Chicago, known as one of the most segregated cities in America. According to CNN Business ‘’Americas most segregated city’’, ‘’Chicago is the most segregated metro area in the nation it has been in the top 3 in terms of segregation for many years’’. This is according to the Voorhees Center for neighborhood and community improvement at the University of Illinois at Chicago. More Diversity is a win for America, More creative ideas in untapped industries, more opportunities, and also creates a more balanced America for the future.

Imagine America moving forward with the idealizations from people who actually represent the fabric of America. Companies, laws, and stat quo created with everyone in mind. Thats too much of a perfect world right? Societies overall normality would have a diverse landscape. the workplace especially, according to ‘’in todays unpredictable business environment, organizations that harness the differences of their people are the ones that excel. America becoming more diverse creates opportunities for people who historically never had resources. Look at the fashion industry, theres been a shift in what fashion is considered and who is responsible for that shift? Virgil Abloh, with the likes of Kanye West. The face of fashion has shifted. Tho, without this shift these powerhouse brands lose the people. According to Vogue Business article ‘’Fashions lack of diversity has a real cost’’. Several European brands have taken a reputational hit after releasing products that offend their customers. Me included. But, Theres also a significant creative and financial upside for companies that put diversity at the forefront’’.

A diverse and balanced America. I will vow to stay optimistic. As I sit and scroll through my phone, sitting comfortably in my Elon retro mod distressed camel leather arm chair from, I cant help to ponder on how far America has come. Diversity & inclusion, balance & belonging whatever stirs americas pot but its now a serious conversation. we can start with something as simple as a hairstyle. just because its different doesn't mean its bad. Diversity in our daily aspects of life brings unintentional change, Its simply called Understanding.

Billy M.