Creating my own work! Where do I start? An Entrepreneurs perspective

Coming up with my own work to do. Creating a healthy productive day. Easier said than done. Most people live in a world where finding their own work is nonexistent. It is the most important factor when staying productive in life. This applies to both personal and professional life. The most important tool to help add structure to your workdays is formulating a to-do list. Its totally up to you how often you want to tackle your to-do’s; Daily, monthly and most commonly, a weekly to-do list. Creating a to-do list will give your priorities a real life chance of getting accomplished. Don't over task yourself like i did. for example, I would place unrealistic daily goals on my list and it would become a domino effect with the rest of my daily tasks. According to ‘’organizing your tasks with a list can make task much more manageable and help make you feel grounded’’. Remember make sure you identify why and how important each to-do is. Most commonly, tasks are too large and should be broken down to more manageable tasks. Writing my tasks really large on the post-it super sticky easy pad, I intentionally place it in open area of the house that you’ll unintentionally walk past everyday until those tasks are ingrained in your mind and accomplished. replace list of tasks, Rinse and repeat.

Now lets go a little further, How will you structure your list? Will you make more than one list? and how many tasks will you assign yourself daily?Structuring your to-do list is important. How so? mixing tasks for work and personal can get hairy. Grab a comfortable chair, we recommend the CHAIBLES LIDO HIGH BACK LEATHER OFFICE CHAIR at and seriously formulate your lists. Create as many you need within reason. You don’t want a to-do list to check your to-do lists lol. I believe in having two different to-do list for work and personal. this will give you that structure by helping separate tasks by importance. Work deadlines, housework, and kids needs, all become organized when creating different to-do lists. Please keep goals and tasks separate for example, completing every task on the list is a goal; the entire list, not the individual tasks. It is very important to be specific when identifying tasks, make sure to include detailed information.

The most vital part about a to-do list is making it work for YOU. Its very important to prevent yourself from including routine activities on your to-do list for example, getting a haircut or remembering to take a bath. Be sure that these tasks will move your life forward. Staying productive is the key to life. Stagnation comes from not making plans or setting goals. The true purpose of this list is to get an understanding of what your responsibilities are and giving yourself a sense of satisfaction when you attack these tasks. This list will help prevent your accomplishments from slipping through the cracks.

Billy M.